Elon to push Model 3 production from 4400 to 7000 per week

Elon to push Model 3 production from 4400 to 7000 per week
brian wang |
November 19, 2018 |
Tesla will try to reach and sustain Model 3 production capacity of 7,000 units by November 28th. Elon Musk will walk the entire Model 3 production line, from battery cell production to final assembly, on the 27th and 28th. Elon Musk wants all production subsystems to produce 50 units per hour. This is needed for 1,000 vehicles per day, by the end of his second day on the line:
“By the 28th, all Model 3 production subsystems need to be at 50+ UPH steady, which is what’s needed for a true 1000 vehicles per day rate (taking equipment uptime into account). To be clear, this includes all lines for a particular subsystem, so, for example, general assembly UPH would include both GA3 lines plus GA4.”
Musk asked production workers to reach out to him if they see problems that would stop them from achieving the production rate by this new deadline in order for him to get involve ahead of time.
If Tesla can sustain 7000 Model 3 per week from Nov 28 to Dec 31 this will boost total production for the quarter from 62,000 to about 72,000.
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