Audi’s E-tron SUV will be delayed due to regulatory approval over a software update

In September, Audi revealed the final production version of its forthcoming electric SUV, the E-tron, which is due out sometime next year. The wait for the car looks as although it’ll take a little longer: Reuters reports that Audi is delaying the vehicle’s release by four weeks due to a software issue.
According to an Audi spokesperson, the company needs to obtain new “regulatory clearance,” after some of the vehicle’s software was “modified during the development process,” and as a result, vehicle will take a bit longer to reach showrooms. Reuters cites a report from German paper Bild am Sonntag, which say that the vehicle could be delayed by several months. The paper also noted that Audi was working to negotiate with South Korean battery supplier LG Chem, which wants to boost prices because of high demand.
The E-tron is part of a the Volkswagen Group’s wider push to electrify its entire fleet by 2030, plans that were put into place following the Diselgate scandal, in which Volkswagen and its subsidiaries — including Audi — illegally installed software that tampered with emissions tests.

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