Amazon Has Leaked Your Name And Email Address, Says Not To Worry [Opinion]

Amazon logoDon’t panic! That is the message coming out of Amazon after acknowledging that they accidentally leaked users’ names and email addresses as the result of a technical error. The Verge has more of what scant details there are.“Amazon has emailed users to tell them that a “technical error” made their names and email addresses visible publicly on its website (via BetaNews). Amazon declined to comment on how many users have been affected, and the only way to know if your email address has been exposed is by receiving one of the company’s surprisingly brief emails.” If you got an email that looked like a phishing attack from Amazon about compromised personal data, it was probably real. That said, you should never follow any links from inside an email, especially to your accounts from Amazon, Apple, social media, or your bank. Go directly to the website from your browser and deal with the issue that way.Click here to continue and read more…
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